tisdag 16 augusti 2011



GOLDEN DAYS is FUTURE COLLECTIVE's first exhibition which takes place in Malmö at Galleri Rostrum. It's an exhibition about national romanticism in sugar. The show can be seen 24 hours a day from Saturday August 20th to Saturday September 10th 2011.

FUTURE COLLECTIVE is a group of Swedish and Danish artists who has established an independent artists collective. The primary aim of FUTURE COLLECTIVE is to create collaborative art projects. All activities are done in a workshop format.

We have taken this initiative since we feel a need for an extended artistic collaboration, with colleagues as well as creative people from other areas, as well as artists from the rest of the world in cross-cultural collaboration. We believe that artistic collaborations can create new ideas, new artistic means of expression as well as relevant projects to the audience's benefit.

FUTURE COLLECTIVE is an open and dynamic group that participants can join or leave freely from project to project, and the initiative is first and foremost fuelled by enthusiasm. FUTURE COLLECTIVE is not tied to a specific place, but can utilize established art spaces and other locations as well as public space.

GOLDEN DAYS participants: Robert Ek (SE), Per Brunskog (SE), Stine Kvam (DK), Jon Stahn (DK), Jeanette Land Schou (DK), Aron Fleming Falk (SE), Monix Sjölin (SE), Peter Land (DK), Jes Brinch (DK).

GOLDEN DAYS grand opening party August 20th at 16.00 - 21.00.

Västergatan 21
21121 Malmö, Sweden

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